Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum

  • content_pasteIt was early April 2000... and two of the world's most fearsome helicopter gunships landed on home PCs worldwide. One of the best pieces of news to me was that 'Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum' is backward-compatible with Enemy Engaged - Apache vs Havoc, meaning you still have access to the campaigns and flyable helos from AvH. That of course is if you have AvH installed - if you don't, and you have a PC 300 Mhz or faster and a 3D graphics card, then run out and get it!
  • date_rangePublished: 2000
  • precision_manufacturingRazorworks | Empire
  • tagMilitaryRotary WingNATO
  • MiG-rating:  5/5  ACE. A genuine legend in the genre.