Eurofighter Typhoon : System Requirements

Tag HW/OS Comments
Operating SystemWindows XP/Vista/7
Operating System
CPU: Min reqP 226 or Better
CPU: Recommended
RAM: Min req64 MB RAM
RAM: Recommended
Video: Min req8 MB Graphics Card or Better
Video: Recommended
Disk Space: Min req
Disk Space: Recommended
Sound: Min req
Sound: Recommended
PatchThe v2.1 patch corrects known joystick issues, Windows XP compatibility issues, and includes previous bug fixes.
Windows 10Steam version | 2020 running | 2022 not running. Run dgVoodoo in the sim directory. Run config3dr2000.exe. Select dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper
Run in Windows 98 mode
no joy
According to Steam community, dgVoodoo after 2.6 is not compatible