Eurofighter Typhoon


AOA is an acronym for Angle of Attack.
AOA seems to be modelled well in Eurofighter Typhoon. Yanking back on the stick will give instant AOA's over the 20 degrees mark with G's arounf 7 to 9... blackout material! The aircraft will sit at incredibly high angles and will climb or sink like a stone depending on your speed.
500 kts and 40,000 feet, level flight
AOA about 3 degrees
400 knots and 40,000 feet
AOA rises as I slow - reaching 5 degrees
I get the speed back up to the mach then bank right into a standard level turn (3 degrees per second) and the AOA surges up to about 7-8 degrees
Mach 1 and 15,000 feet. Very low AOA - about 1.7 degrees