Eurofighter Typhoon

Spoilers and gripes

I only have three major gripes with the sim.

1: Varied USB throttle support.

My Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 throttle wasn't recognised by the sim running under Windows 98 SE. Win 98SE is still the most common gaming system. However other users reported success under Windows ME - and others hd no success under Windows XP.

2: Pop-up menus

I liked the pop-up menus - they kept me informed of the situation and in combination with the profuse radio chat I really felt part of a busy little war! But the lower menu!!!!!! EEaaaaarggggghhh!! Why oh why couldn't it pop up somewhere else - at the top - at the side - ANYWHERE but at the bottom! You could bet dollars to donuts that it would always pop up just as I lined up for a steep bomb delivery or tried to keep site of an Su-27 manoeuvering below my nose.

3: The final two missions

After building a credible world and making me really really respect SAM's, AAA and missiles - and making me very cautious about boring in too close for a final cannon shot (the debris inevitably hit my airframe or got ingested) - after making me really focus on tactical flying and trying to keep my wingmen alive - they throw these two missions at us!
What's wrong with the last 2 missions?
Well they pit you against two almost indestructable bombers.
I could handle the fact that their jamming apparently rendered the up-till-now Meteors and ASRAAMS suddenly impotent. But hey .... in desperation I finally rammed the bomber kamikaze style and.. yes you guessed it - the thing kept on flying!
Come on guys!
After a couple of hours I gave up on the last mission, satisfied that I had done all that could reasonably be done , watched the "win" .avi and gave myself a pat on the back.

The Superbomber

The other bloody one.

Yeah yeah, whatever...I really didn't deserve to get this!