Eurofighter Typhoon

In Eurofighter Typhoon you will control and manage six pilots in real time, a feature made possible by the event-driven dynamic campaign. Set in Iceland sometime in the first half of the twenty-first century, Eurofighter Typhoon combines the tension and excitement of WWII style air combat with the power and agility of fifth generation fighters.
When a war erupts in Europe, sparked by troubles in the former Soviet Union, Iceland is drawn into the conflict, becoming the balance point of an immense conflict that threatens to escalate into World War III. Your performance in pitting a small team of Typhoon pilots against waves of determined invaders will make the difference between Peace and a New Order in Europe.
The game starts in peacetime, giving you opportunity to train and familiarise yourself with the aircraft.
Gradually, you will learn of escalating violence in Europe before being placed on maximum alert. Before long, the first signs of invasion will appear, and you'll begin to feel your isolation from NATO's main forces.
Next, the invasion will arrive in fullforce and you will represent the few against the many.
- From the manual