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European Air War

North American P-51B Mustang

The P-51 will always be remembered as the fighter that won the air war in Europe. The P-51 doesn't have as much punch as the P-47 and isn't as rugged; however, it's both substantially faster and more maneuverable. The P-51 was a decent jet-killer, having downed Me-262s in Europe and even a MiG-15 in Korea.
Unmatched in terms of speed and combat radius, the P-51 can escort bombers all the way to Berlin. Without drop tanks, the P-51 is reasonably maneuverable, especially at higher speeds. It bleeds speed pretty quickly in a turning fight, so it should be used primarily in the hit-and-run role, saving its turning capability to finish off the adversary at the end of a fight. The P-51D packs a little more punch, carrying six .50 cal guns compared to the P-51C's four. Additionally, and possibly more important, the P-51D features a "bubble canopy," greatly increasing rear visibility.

North American P-51B Mustang (View Cockpit)

1. Repeater Compass
2. Clock
3. Landing Gear Position Indicator
4. Flap Position Indicator
5. Altimeter
6. Gyro Compass
7. Airspeed Indicator
8. Turn and Bank Indicator
9. Vacuum Suction Gauge
10. Manifold Pressure Gauge
11. Artificial Horizon
12. Tachometer
13. Rate of Climb Indicator
14. Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
15. Engine Temperature Gauge
16. Oil Pressure Gauge
17. Fuel Gauge


North American P-51D Mustang

1. Rear Radar Warning Indicator
2. Repeater Compass
3. Clock
4. Airspeed Indicator
5. Gyro Compass
6. Altimeter
7. Turn and Bank Indicator
8. Artificial Horizon
9. Rate of Climb Indicator
10. Vacuum Suction Gauge
11. Manifold Pressure Gauge
12. Oil Pressure Gauge
13. Tachometer
14. Fuel Gauge
15. Engine Temperature Gauge


Notes: Like its main adversary, the Fw190, the P-51 is primarily an energy-based fighter. You want to fly it in a clean configuration on every mission except Strike and Search and Destroy missions. For strikes, sling a couple of 500 lb. bombs under the aircraft and take off. For Search and Destroy missions, you get the greatest tactical flexibility and endurance over the area you are search by using six five-inch rockets.

This material was included in the original 1998 release of European Air War by Microprose.

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