F-117 Nightstorm

Left and Right: Previous/next weapon mount
Up and Down: Move up/down to next field
Start: Continue or ok
Button C: Continue or ok
Weapon Selection Screen
Left and Right: Change active weapon hardpoint (mount)
Up and Down: Change weapon type
Start: Continue
Left: Bank left
Right: Bank right
Up: Control stick back/nose up (in game mode, the controls are reversed)
Down: Control stick forward/nose down (in game mode, the controls are reversed)
Start: Pause screen
Button A: Select Weapon (including friendly bombers)
Button B: Launch weapon and engage FLIR/DLIR bomb targeting
Button C: Fire M61-A1 Gun (when installed)
Start + A: Cycles through each objective in the NAV status display
Start + B: Auto target computer On/Off
Start + C: Toggle between Aux View/Normal View
Start + D-pad Left/Right: Cycles through all selectable targets on the screen
Bombsight Mode
Forward-looking INFRA-RED (FLIR) and downward-looking IFNRA-RED (DLIR) Bombsight mode becomes active when you fire a weapon that requires manual guidance to the target. For example the GBU-27 Paveway III glide bomb, or when the current weapon is a Bomber Flight (bomber flights are only available in specific Campaign missions). Onscreen indicators display zoom factor and seconds until ordinance is released. Try to keep the target in the center of the screen on the bombsight until you see an impact. Your aircraft automatically switches to autopilot when in bomb-sight mode.
Bombsight Mode Controls
D-Button: Crosshair control
Button B: Abort the bomb run and return to cockpit
Button C: Cycles through magnification levels
Note: If you return to cockpit view by pressing B before the bomb reaches its target, the bomb loses its laser lock and misses the target.