F-117 NightstormF-117 Nightstorm

F-117 Nightstorm


Game Designer: Michael Kosaka
Programmer: Chris Ebert, Chuck Sommerville
Additional Programming and Missiong Scripting: Brain Krause
Producer: Paul Grace
Assistant Producer: Steve Matulac
Graphic Art: Michael Kosaka, Alyson Markell, Ivaylo Vaklinov, Paul Watts
Sound and Music: David Whitaker
Technical Director: Scott Cronce
Product Manager: Trank Gibeau, Simon Jeffery
Project Manager: Susan Manley
Package Design: E. J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Illustration: Thierry Thompson
Package Art Direction: Nancy Fong
Documentation Layout: Tom Peters
Testing Manager: Randy Delucchi
Lead Test: David Costa
Product Testing: Russell Byrd, etc.
Quality Assurance: Michael Yasko
Original Game Concept: Michael Kosaka
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