F-117 Nightstorm

Designer's notes

The F-117A Stealth fighter is a covert operations aircraft, designed for surgical strikes against highly defended, high-value strategic and tactical targets. The aircraft weapons platform is capable of delivering a 2,000 pound laser-guided bomb from 25,000 feet in total darkness onto a one meter target with complete accuracy. Due to it's unique shape and radar absorbent materials, it's radar cross-section appears the size of a baseball. It is such an incredibly unique aircraft, that when it does its job, no one really knows it was ever there.
This poses no small problem with balancing gameplay and realism. We've taken a little artistic license with much of the actual plane's combat capabilities and flight characteristics. Hopefully, you will find these "enhancements" intriguing and fun.
Much of the Campaign game is historical; the training missions in the Navada desert, the Panama scenario and, of course, the Gulf War missions. As for the other future scenarios, we wish they never become reality, but hope you'll enjoy putting this remarkable aircraft through it's paces anyway.
Though you'll have to acquire air-to-air combat skils to become the complete F-117A pilot, the core of the game is air-to-ground bombing. Remember that the GBU is a heavy bomb relative to the Mavericks. For a real challenge, try and complete the missions by using only the less powerful Mavericks.
The Arcade game serves as a design counter-point to the Campaign game. In the Arcade mode, you can set up your targets and then go after them. You can also use this mode to hone your skills. Plain and simple, rack 'em up and mow 'em down.
The Campaign mode is the real core of the game. Here you'll meet a variety of characters (good guys and bad) and be presented with missions that will take some careful planning and thought, as well as fast re- flexes.
One of the things that sets F-117 Night Storm apart from similar games is the use of the storybox, or "movie inset" window. It's through this area of the cockpit that much of the Campaign game's drama and action is conveyed. As a player, you'll have to keep one eye out for necessary clues and plot changes that will be critical to your success.
Stay alert, check you six often and keep a cool head at all times, but above all, have a good time flying this most spectacular aircraft.
Michael Kosaka