F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0

MiGMan's nostalgia flight

Firing up F-117A again after many years absence, I went on a nostalgic flight.
The game kicks off with a cinematic intro, climaxing with a close-up of the FLIR display during a LGB attack on a Hardened Hangar. This was heart-pounding stuff. The bits of concrete debris flying towards me seemed so real I ducked!

(OK I'm easily scared!)
If you choose to fly the "real" F117 you have a very limited weapons capacity. I chose the Microprose version which has 4 weapons bays!!..just in case, you know... ...
This was one of the earliest sims to include carrier launches and if your mission went well, carrier landings as well!

Part of the arming screen from F117A Stealth Fighter.
The navigation kit was pretty special too. You could engage autopilot, then adjust the waypoints in flight to avoid threats and mountains! It was pretty cool to dial in new settings and see the plane veer off to the new headings.

The HUD could be customised a number of ways and the Counter- measures included chaff, flares, IR jammer and Radar jammer! The FLIR could look in all directions and lock on to ground and air targets.

Yeah... that wasn't me (a case of stolen valour).
During the debrief your flight path is replayed and all your embarrassing mistakes aired one by one. To add insult to injury, your colleagues pass often unflattering remarks on your performance. It's little features like this which add greatly to the 'atmosphere' of this sim.

Job well done etc (after my first mission...at least I survived).....and despite getting lost and actually landing on an enemy airbase, taxiing to the hangar and finally wondering why I was still 100 miles from home base! After a very stealthy take-off, I limped home and landed with 25 lbs of fuel remaining!!!

For my second trip down memory lane I turned up the heat (enemy skill levels). That was OK, I fought (!!! yep this Stealth Fighter rocks !!!) my way in to take a picture of the downtown Baghdad nuclear plant. The secondary objective was to destroy POL storage tanks. I even managed that, but was then bounced by a gaggle of Northrop F-5's and MiG-31's.
At this point my "situational awareness" dropped dramatically as events crowded in. My mission ended in a fireball as I contacted terra firma rather too firmly!
Some might say I crashed, but that would be rather indelicate.

Back to the old drawing board!