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F-15 Strike Eagle I

F-15 Strike Eagle I - 1985 F-15 Strike Eagle I - 1985
Exhibit - F-15 Strike Eagle I
Release Date - 1985
Platform - Atari, Commodore C-64 and Apple //e. PC.
Developer - Sid Meier. The IBM version was ported by Randall Don Masteller.
Publisher - Microprose
In collection - Yes.
Comments - The original code for this flight sim weighs in at a hefty 53 K. That is NOT a misprint! To put it in perspective, the flash animation shown here is 150k ! This was one of the first sims published by Microprose.

Hardware requirements

F-15 Strike Eagle I F-15 Strike Eagle I
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Box Art - this proves the old adage "you can't judge a book by it's cover!"

The Magazine Advertising was also ... ambitious! But hey! ... these were simple times in the computer world.

Rob "Bomber" Henderson remembers.

Sinclair Spectrum version

Splash Screen

Thomson systems version

Thomson systems version


This sim later developed into
F-15 Strike Eagle II
F15 Strike Eagle 3