F-15 Strike Eagle III

MiGMan’s Combat Diary

Ah, the "good old days" of the "Cold War", when you had two types of nation... good and evil!
Actually campaign scenarios in Strike Eagle III were very well thought out.
Unprecedented detail was depicted in the terrain and objects, pushing the 386's of the day to their limits.
At the time F-15 III had the most spectacular explosions ever seen on a PC screen.
The padlock view worked well, with flashing lock on indicators on your canopy rail.
You could fly front seat and back seat - or connect via null modem with a friend and fly as pilot and WSO in the same aircraft!
It was an excellent sim for co-op multiplay. . I once assembled a 2-seater cockpit front/Back to play it. I had my cockpit in front and a contraption made out of bricks, chairs, wood and a monitor behind - with a second computer connected by null-modem cable. Hours of fun!
Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone capable of (wanting to ) playing it so I spent a couple of days running from the front to the back seat flying it myself! It was a great buzz to sit in the "back" and peer around the monitor - ejection seat - at the view out of the front "canopy".
The 7 MFD's could display 12 different readouts....and you could store your own preferences for Navigation, Air to Air and Air to Ground modes.
AIM-7 Sparrows and Mk84 iron bombs