F-16 Fighting Falcon (Digital Integration)

MiGMan’s Combat Diary, 2000

I got hold of this sim in the "Front Line Fighters" reissue. It came bundled with Apache and Hind. Installation was easy, my only complaint being that the joystick response seemed poor and never settled down. A shame because this sim runs well on relatively modest machines.

Erik "Lead-Head " Dahlbeck had a suggestion about fixing the joystick jitters:
Did you try going to the preferences section and calibrate the joystick from there?
  • Set control first to keyboard
  • then Back to the desired stick
  • Move the stick around and calibrate
I had a problem in the beginning, the plane/stick was over-sensitive and it rolled max at even the slightest stick input... The above measures fixed it.
The cockpit moving map display was very readable.
The views were excellent, with this padlock view having several options for displaying target info around the screen.
The excellent mission planning tools first seen in Tornado were back... a planner's delight!
There weasn't much flat terrain in F-16 Fighting Falcon, and bridges and SAM sites nestled in the valleys.
The sense of speed at low level was extraordinary. One of the many training missions nvloved flying formation with 3 other F-16s to bomb an installation. Trying to hold formation as we zipped along at 2-300 feet altiude demanded my full attention!