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F-16 Multirole Fighter (R)

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10/1/2008 (Steam edition)
(c) NovaLogic, Inc. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Campaign Advancement
3Dfx Support
Making An Internet Connection
Modem Issues
Joystick Issues
Programmable Joysticks
Landing Gear
Tips To Remember
Manuals On The Cd
Windows' Swap File
Technical Support


F-16 does not allow for user-selected campaign play as documented in the manual. You must play through the campaigns in order.

2. 3DFX Support:

F-16 supports 3dfx compatible cards. If you experience problems with graphics display, it may be because you do not have the most recent Glide drivers. We've found that there are many graphic "glitches" associated with older 3dfx drivers. You should check your video card manufacturers' website for their latest drivers. 3dfx also maintains a website at http://www.3dfx.com . You can find links to most video card manufactures on their site. Also on the site are "reference drivers" for the various 3dfx chipsets (Voodoo, Voodoo Rush, Vooodoo 2.) These are generic drivers which may not support particular features on your card, but contain the most up-to-date driver fixes.
Voodoo RUSH: Run the game with menus in Window'ed mode ONLY.
LOSING FOCUS: If the game loses focus to another application (like message notifiers), it will appear to hang. Unless you know the key sequences to force the notifier to return focus the game, you should disable any such programs before running in 3dfx mode. (This also applies to any key sequence which you might regularly use: ALT-TAB, CTL-ESC, etc.)


F-16 defaults to playing music using DirectSound. You may experience an undesirable side effect when using certain sound cards (notably some SoundBlaster AWE 32 and 64 cards). If you find that changing the volume of the music also changes the volume of the sound effects, you can either turn music off in the Options section of the game or you can configure the game not to play music using DirectSound.
To change the game to not use DirectSound, exit the game and use any text editor to edit the file "F16.CFG" which is in the installed game directory on your hard drive. Find the line in this text file which reads:
Change the number 1 on this line to a 0 (zero) and save the file. Now when you start the game, all music will be played through Windows default drivers.
If you experience any problems with music while playing a mission, you can turn the music off by pressing "T" to bring up the chat box and entering:
midi off
and pressing ENTER. You must type "midi off" in all lower case in order for it to work.


F-16 can be played multiplayer over the internet. If you want to do this, you must establish an internet connection on your computer. If you use a dial-up internet service, the dial-up connection windows will appear when you attempt to HOST or JOIN an internet game. If it doesn't, your internet preferences may need to be changed. Open the INTERNET control panel and go to the CONNECTIONS page. The option "Connect to the Internet as needed" should be checked.
If the connection box does not open automatically, you will need to make the connection before running the game. Open the "Dial-Up Networking" folder found in the Accessories Folder under Programs in the Start menu. Make the connection to your service provider. You can then run the game and play an internet game.
If you are HOST'ing a modem game and there are problems with the modem when making a connection, you will need to exit the "Host" screen back to the "Multiplayer" screen to reset the modem. A typical occurrence of this problem is when the host'ing modem answers a voice call when waiting for a modem call.
If the other modem abruptly ends without cleanly exiting the game, you will need to exit back to the "Multiplayer" menu to re-initialize the modem.


DEFAULT SETTINGS: Note that F-16 and MiG-29 have different default button settings. F-16 uses "cannon priority" as the default, while MiG-29 uses "weapon priority". Refer to the respective keycharts for a complete description of the different modes.
FORCE FEEDBACK: F-16 does not support Force Feedback joysticks at this time.
HATSWITCH ISSUE: If you are playing the game using a joystick which has a hatswitch, you may experience some problems with the hatswitch switching views when you have not pressed it. You can solve this problem by making a change to the joystick configuration in the Windows 95 control panel.
Bring up the Game Controllers control panel, select the joystick and click on the ADVANCED window pane. Near the bottom of the window is a checkbox for 'Poll with interrupts enabled'. Turn this checkbox OFF. Your hatswitch should now work more reliably.


We have provided configuration files for popular programmable joysticks. The files are stored are the CD under the joystick directory. The files are categorized by manufacturer and then by joystick, throttle or both. Copy the appropriate files to your hard drive and follow the joystick manufactures' instruction on programming the devices.


Remember that the F-16 handles and operates differently with the landing gear down. Raising the gear tells the aircraft that it is now in "fighter mode".


360 degree radar is available in certain missions as a result of an AWACS operating in the area. If your AWACS is destroyed, you will lose your 360 degree radar. This will make missions more difficult.
In most missions, you will be provided with a wingman. Do not forget that your wingman is there. Effective use of the wingman can make missions substantially less difficult.

10. Manuals on the CD:

If you've purchased the CD version of the game, then included on the CD are PDF manuals in addition to the printed manual. These manuals can be found in the \MANUALS directory. In order to read these manuals you need to have an Acrobat reader installed on your system. We have also included the Adobe Acrobat Reader on the CD. The installation file for this program can be found in the \ACROBAT directory. Manuals included on this CD are:
LANTIRN.PDF (a tutorial on the F-16's LANTIRN system.)
FWEDITOR.PDF (The mission editor manual.)
F16.PDF (The printed manual in PDF form.)

11. Windows' Swap File:

You must have enough free space on your hard drive for Windows to create and maintain a swap file. As a rule of thumb, the game will want to use upwards of 32 megabytes. Always check the free space on your swap drive if you are having troubles.

12. Technical Support:

If you are having a problem you need assistance with, check our website, http://www.novalogic.com, for up-to-date information on the product. You can also find additional information in the forums on http://www.novaworld.com
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