F-22 Total Air War : Checklists

Taxi checklist
For missions that start on the ground, TAW gives you several options. You can use Shift-S (time skip) to jump to the runway or even to an airborne waypoint. You can use the autopilot in "takeoff" mode to handle all the taxi and takeoff chores (go to Systems MFD numpad-0, click the A button to display autopilot options, click Takeoff, then press A to engage the autopilot). Or you can do it all the old fashioned way…
Start left and right engines[ and ]
Manual EMCON 5 to allow commsE then 5
Cycle to NAV HUD modeH
Close canopyI
Request takeoff time 
Channel 1 comms1
say my takeoff1
Release BrakesB
Throttle to 55% to roll=+ or throttle
Throttle to < 55 %- or throttle
Taxi at 20kts or less 
Turn at 10 knots 
Follow nav carets to runway and holdB
On hearing: "Clear for Takeoff" , taxi onto the runway 
Full Military PowerShift + or use Throttle
Rotate at 180 knots by pulling stick gently back 
Gear upG
Climb at 15 degrees 
Contact AWACS when directed "Push 2 fr Magic" 
EMCON to automaticE then 6
Select next waypointW
Landing checklist
The F-22 in TAW is pretty easy to land. 
The ILS HUD (or HMD) places a set of boxes along the glide slope to the active runway, and you simply fly through them. It will also display cues for altitude and speed. To start landing procedures, you should be within 15 nm of a friendly airfield. We'll assume a direct approach here, though you can also choose a more normal "circuit approach" and an abbreviated "teardrop" pattern. Note that you need to be in EMCON 2 or above for any comms (press E to change level if necessary).
LandingPush 1
Contact TowerPush 1
Vectors for Direct Approach 1, 2 for airfield, 3 for direct 
Cycle to ILS HUD modeH
Throttle back- or use throttle quadrant
Brake for 230 kts-B
Slow to 170 kts- or throttle and B
Call final approach1 - 2 - 6
Velocity Vector (VV) just beyond numbers 
Slight pull to flare at 50 ft 
Speed/wheel brakes on touchdown 
NOTE - slight back pressure on the stick will help slow downB
Taxi Back to parking spot 
or end mission 
Air to Air
The F-22 in TAW features integrated sensors and weapons, and the fire control system will prioritize all the threats or targets based on all available sensor and downlink data and build a "shoot list" for each weapon type.
The targets show up on the attack MFD and in the HUD/HMD with symbols indicating position and direction of motion, and with the first priority target in a circle.
The defense MFD (repeated in the lower left corner of the HMD) shows positions of threats as well as their estimated radar coverage cones. The defensive systems are largely automated, but you still need to honor the threat - placing an incoming missile at your 3 or 9 o’clock is a good start. BVR combat can get VERY busy in TAW.
BVR Combat and Shoot Lists 
Build shoot list for current weaponT
Clear shoot listU
Cycle through shoot listC
Assign current target 
to wingmanM
Padlock threat - 
missile or aircraftF3
MiGMan thanks FlyingSinger for his assistance with this Museum exhibit.