F-22 Total Air War : System Requirements

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Size of installation :
Program Files - 22,655 K
Help Files - 8014 K
DID DAT file - 62, 365 K
Video version :
Direct 3D
Glide (3DFX Voodoo)
VR | From the manual:
Notes For Users of Union Reality Gear Hardware. Total Air War supports the Union Reality Gear device. In order to use this device you must first install Total Air War and then run the ‘ureality.exe’ program that is located in the ‘Ureality\english\’ directory on your game CD-ROM. Within the game the Gear is used to ‘look’ around the cockpit of your F-22 aircraft in the virtual cockpit view. This view is accessed by pushing the ‘F1’ key (which also toggles the full HUD view).
I searched the web for info on quot;Union Reality" - and after wading through hundreds of sites on labour relations found "www.unionreality.com". At least I received "site not found" before I was redirected to a ' search engine ' portal which tried to install the dreaded "Gator" software/spyware on my PC.