F-22 Total Air War


You might also mention that users can enable anti-aliasing on all planes by
using the alt+7 keys. It's a hidden feature and not mentioned in the manual.
Force Feedback
From the manual:
Force feedback was added to F22 TAW to increase playability and give force feedback joystick owners an advantage over standard joystick players.
Force feedback is implemented in F22 TAW using I-Force. This means that some joysticks may not be able to fully realize the quantity of simultaneous effects that have been integrated. Effects are generated for :
Inertia on joystick control based on Indicated Air Speed i.e. the faster the plane goes the stiffer the stick
becomes (as per most fly-by-wire planes).
Varying effects to signify the release of weapons.
Varying effects for
plane hit
plane destruction, etc.
Do not calibrate force feedback joysticks using the in-game options button. Windows95 will not allow the user to calibrate their currently used joystick. Windows98 *will* allow the user to calibrate their joystick but upon returning to F22 TAW the game will have to exit. "
From the sim documentation.