F-5 Tiger II (Venom Zero Productions)

  • content_pasteA nice first sortie, but the external model and resolution of the liveries isn't up to what MSFS 2020 customers have come to expect. The first thing I do on a new aircraft is set up the GoPro cameras because who doesn't enjoy those takeoff and landing videos aimed at the undercarriage? If the developer can improve the u/c, turkey feathers and textures then we are talking! I'm sure a lot of work has gone into it but at the time of release it's not in the MSFS2020 ballpark.
  • date_rangePublished: 2023
  • precision_manufacturingVenom Zero Productions | Northrop
  • tagAdd-onMilitary
  • MiG-rating:  2/5  Airworthy albeit unexciting.
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