F/A-18 Korea : Checklists

F/A-18 Autopilot modes
Using the Autopilot allows you time to safely look down in the cockpit, for example when jettisoning a fuel tank.
With it's various modes the autopilot is a valuable way of managing the pilot workload.
Select Mode 
The mode selected is displayed in the HUD and the UFCShift A
Basic Mode: levels the wings if < 5 deg bank | maintains bank if > 5 deg bank
ATTH | Attitude HoldMaintains current pitch and bank
HSELCaptures current waypoint heading
BALTCaptures current pressure altitude and maintains current hdg
RALTCaptures current Radar altitude and maintains current hdg
CPLNavigates to the current TCN
If <10 nm from a runway/carrier and the ILS is on. CPL mode will autoland the a/c
Activate AutopilotA
 F/A-18 Korea
HSD and MMD 
Horizontal Situation Display 
Most navigation information is displayed in the HSD ( Horizontal Situation Display).
Look Down2
Select HSDN
Adjust ScaleN
 F/A-18 Korea
Moving Map Display 
Look Down2
Select MapM
Adjust ScaleM
 F/A-18 Korea
Select TACAN 
The Station Identifier is displayed in the HUD and on the UFC
Within 30 nm 
Note: If you have a waypoint selected, not a TACAN beacon, Approach Control will vector you to the airport nearest your current position.Shift C
 F/A-18 Korea