F-18E Superhornet

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OPFOR Aircraft

The Su-30 is a development of the Sukhoi -27 Flanker, which was already possibly the most formidable fighter of the late 20th century. It combines a big airframe and high internal fuel load with as awesome missile load and super-manoeverabilty.
Inspired perhaps by Aram Katchaturian's "Sabre Dance", this flock of Flankers engaged in an ancient ritual.
... round and round they went.... nature's birds of war enjoying the simple pleasures.
A gaggle of Flankers taxiing out for takeoff. Nothing unusual in that. Nice airbase too.
Whooooaaaahh! I'm just guessing here.... but I bet this is not an approved takeoff technique.
Off to play.
The Mirage 2000. The Mirage family has 40 years of experience with delta wings and this variant is highly manoeuverable and small.
The Jaguar M. A competent ground attack platform which often sports sidewinder air-to-air missiles, so watch out!
The MiG-27 is a ground attack aircraft based on the MiG-23. The main visual difference between the two is the duck-billed nose of the MiG-27 which allows better pilot visibility during ground attack runs.
The MiG-27 also has variable sweep wings, which have extended fully forward here as the 2 MiGs execute a break turn.
Su-24 Fencer. This supersonic dragster is in a similar design class to the General Dynamics F-111.
The Su-25 Frogfoot perfoms the close air support function.
The Mi-17 Hip - Transport, Ground attack and general roustabout.

The Tu-95 Bear was designed for long range maritime patrols. Note the counter-rotating props... 4 pairs, giving a total of 8 props and making the Tu-95 the fastest prop aircraft in the world, capable of cruising at over 500 knots.

Allied Aircraft

UH-60 Blackhawk - The Blackhawk is the workhorse of the modern US army.