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 Falcon 3.0 | Artwork & Packaging

Falcon 3.0: Artwork & Packaging

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Box Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
Richard Hawley reminisces about the classic era of packaging, when style and content reached their zenith...

"The layout was done by the Van Winkle Design Group. The simplistic look yet obvious attention to detail had European distributors importing US copies due to demand, despite the box clearly stating that it was "For distribution in North America and Australia only". Later Microprose would take over the publishing and distribution of Spectrum Holobyte products in europe and this classic silver box gave way to the usual Microprose printed slip-cover. The original first edition box as printed in the United States had a silver F-16 with "Falcon 3.0" embossed into the carton. It doesn't show up to well on the scan here. Note the "3.0" is not coloured, it's left for the light to catch raised surface. This box became something of a design classic in the computer game publishing world."
Box 02 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
This reissue pack was still available in May 2001 and in my opinion is worth getting for the Art of the Kill video alone! NOTE THAT the video is not of the VHS variety - it is ON THE CD ROM and runs in a window. Contents: Falcon 3.0 version 3.05 MiG-29 version 1.04 Hornet - Naval Strike Fighter version 1.02 Operation Fighting Tiger version 1.04 Art of the Kill
Manual Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
Falcon 3.0 had an impressive 342 page silver Instruction - Flight Manual.
map 01 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
4 x A3 size area maps of Kuwait, Israel, Panama, Nellis AFB
Media 01 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
Three disc sets. Most editions carried 4 High Density (1.44mb) black floppy disks and Low Density one black (720k) floppy disk. But due to a Quality Assurance cockup there was also a rare number which carried a BLUE 720k floppy. When this was discovered efforts were made to maintain colour consistency. This is just one of the glamorous tasks people who work in QA departments have to undertake! MiGMan thanks Richard Hawley.
Media 02 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
It's interesting to note that the Spectrum Holobyte/ Microprose Hasbro connection dates way back even to Falcon 3. Note the HEAD 2 HEAD logo is marked with the following text, "Head to Head is a registered trademark of Hasbro. Inc. and is used under license."
MiGMan thanks Richard Hawley
Media 03 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
The difficulty of setting up the memory requirements to run Falcon 3 is demonstrated by the procedures in the yellow 4 page document included in the box. Step by step it takes you through the procedures of creating a boot disk.
MiGMan thanks Richard Hawley.
Media 04 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
Release Notes and Communications Handbook (16 pages)
Media Cover Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
Media Cover: Inside Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0
Press image 01 Falcon 3.0: Falcon 3.0