Falcon 4.0 : Checklists

Engine Start
To start the jet engine 
Set throttle position to idle 
Start the Jet Fuel Starter [SHIFT-J]. Engine will spool up to a maximum of 25% rpm
When the RPMs are greater than 20% advance the throttle above idle
Press the idle detent switch [ALT-i]
Engine should now start and spool up to over 70%. The JFS will automatically disengage when the engine RPM gets above 50%.
Throttle to Idle 
Check this before entering the cockpit or you will probably taxi into another aircraft!
Nav Mode selected (mouse) 
Listen for take-off clearance 
Throttle to afterburner 
Steer with rudders 
At 150 kts rotate 10 degrees 
Warning : do not exceed 14 deg or you will scrape the tailcone
As soon as Alt increases: 
Raise GearG
Climb to altitude. 
Refer to pages 1-13 in the manual for more details
Contact TowerT
Altitude2,000 ft
Speed200 kts
Nav Mode 
On Final 
Speed160 - 170 kts
Gear downG
Flight Path Marker on the runway
Throttle to idle 
Airbrake extendB
Wheel Brakes on and holdK
Landing was "troublesome" for many players. Apparently the real F-16 responds to a heavy landing (within limits) with a bounce but the first release of the sim collapsed the undercarriage in this situation.
Read Chapter 3 of your manual. I found it very difficult to avoid either scraping the tail or collapsing the gear, so I adopted a "shallow and fast' approach... ( sounds like a good philosophy for living! ).
I simply kept the airspeed at about 170 kts and flew the plane all the way to the deck. That's one way to do it!
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