Fighter Ace 3.5


There are two main modes of play
  • Dogfighting
  • Territorial Conquest

Territorial Conquest

Each tum starts with a certain number of installations or scenes, and must capture a certain number of enemy installations to win the game.
The first step in capturing an enemy scene is to soften it up by attacking the defensive positions and buildings with bombs and / or rockets. Once you have inflicted sufficient damage a group of tanks will form at the nearest friendly installation and will then drive toward the enemy installation to attack and hopefully capture it.
This is known as ' triggering a scene'.
At the same time as your tanks embark for the damaged scene a group of enemy tanks will form for the purpose of defending that scene from your tanks. Left on their own the two groups of tanks would eventually encounter each other and fight until one or the other is destroyed.
If even one tank manages to get onto an enemy scene and destroy it's defenses the enemy scene is captured and starts producing or working for your team.
So your task is to support and protect the tanks as they attempt to occupy enemy installations. You can also drop paratroops which will attack enemy defenses.
Occupied factories produce metal, fuel and ammo.