Fighter Bomber | Strike Aces

Commodore Amiga version

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

A fantastic choice of aircraft to fly and an original and refreshing campaign scenario to fly in - a NATO bombing competition held in the USA.

The graphics weren't outstanding by todays standards, but they did the job and the aircraft looked the part, and the game played at a respectable speed. You could fly the following :
The 'aggressors' were also a mix and included F-14s, Foxhounds, Mirage 2000s, Flankers and Fulcrums - it was a shame you couldn't fly these ones though! You also had a mission builder, which was simple to use, but gave good results.
The aircraft had different flight dynamics - some faster than others at low level, some better turners on so on. I remember the Viggen lived up to its name (the Swedish word 'viggen' translates to 'thunderbolt' in English) - that kite could out climb everything else and went like a rocket, and was good for dogfighting too.

The weapons choices were quite varied, and included
The missions took place over South Dakota, with the main base being Ellsworth. The scenery also included Mt.Rushmore, and various small towns and settlements, as well as the roads, highways and railways, rivers and lakes.
The structure of the missions grew in complexity during the course of the competition, and some required quite careful planning, especially on the fuel comsumption side. All you had to do was read the brief and choose your stores. One mission would need to be flown as low-low-low profile, while the next could be a high-low-high.
In some of the more complex situations, air re-fuelling would be available.
Several of the missions also required you to fly against the clock - this was always made worse when the 'aggressors' turned up - they really made life difficult for you at times. All AA missiles were IR guided, and all SAMs were radar - this made using decoys a bit easier, but you had to be quick - the flight time for the missiles was incredibly short and you needed to get the decoys pumping fast or you'd get hit.
Evasive flying didn't work against the missiles, only decoys. The AIM-9 and Aphid missiles required a heat source to lock onto, and you have to wait for the missile to get a lock-on before launching - the missile would bleep while the seeker head would scan, until the aiming recticle would catch-up with the target, turn red and start growling to signify a lock.
The only problem with this one was that with the copy I had, it would always crash at the end of the third to last mission, so I never got to see if there was any special treat awaiting me for completing all the missions!
The competition was divided up into four stages, each stage had four missions, and the details were as follows ( as best as I can make out from the notes I still have left ) ...




It may, or may not be of interest to you, but the sim 'Fighter-Bomber' is based on a REAL U.S.A.F. Bombing and Navigation competition held at Ellsworth AFB North Dakota. It was an annual event, but I don't know if it still takes place. For you real Super-Geeks out there, ( some of ) the trophies up for grabs were :
And one more thing - Curtiss Le May was an officer in the USAF who came up with the idea of the competition.