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Fighters Anthology

Air to Ground

Air To Ground Mission Planning Priorities

Dive Bombing

WARNING: Normal dive-bombing is inadvisable in bad weather, due to likelihood of the a/c impacting the ground, especially in areas of uneven or high terrain.

When visibility is poor below 5,000 feet use High-Drag Ordnance.

High Drag Level Bombing

Air to Ground Checklists: Laser Guided Bombs


The preferred attack profile is for a low level approach to launch point with a pop-up manoeuvre for launch, then a low level egress from the threat area.
LOAD a FLIR Pod befor takeoff if the a/c does not have built-in IR sensors.

Anti Shipping


NOTE: Usually 2 or 3 hits from a Harpoon will be required to destroy a ship in Fighters Anthology.


Ordnance: Internal Cannon, Rocket Pods.
Rockets are the preferred weapon for strafing because of their longer range (about 2 miles compared to about 3,000 ft for the M61 cannon. This means that on a strafing run your a/c can turn away before overflying the target.

Wild Weasel

Missions directed against SAM sites and AAA installations are referred to as "Wild Weasel" missions.
Wild Weasel missions are usually flown by 2 a/c, a/c #1 enticing the SAMs to engage and a/c #2 engaging with Anti-radiation missiles. This role is then reversed until the defenses are suppressed.
It is not uncommon for a/c tasked for strike to also carry 1 or 2 Anti-radiation missiles for self defense.

SAM indicators on the RWR, HARM seeker display and HUD

SA-6 site

Setting the inflight map options
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