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Flight Sim Toolkit


Flight Sim Toolkit was a unique concept, putting creative power in the hands of the flight sim enthusiast. The graphics engine was similar to their SVGA Harrier Assault (1992), one of the first SVGA sims. You could even insert your own navaids and customisable cockpits. You could create your own from scratch or use beautifully rendered templates and insert your own dials and gauges.

1991 | Original Archimedes

Original version of Flight Sim Toolkit was released on the Archimedes A3000 as Flight Sim Toolkit for the Archimedes

1993 | Flight Sim Toolkit released for the PC.

1994 | Flight Sim Toolkit: World War 2

1998 | Flight Sim Toolkit '98

In developement by enthusiasts, and was to be based upon the original code of Flight Sim Toolkit supplied to them by the developer, Simis. There is still a community of players for the original FST, some who have constructed meticulous sims based on this engine. Look at the Flight Sim Toolkit Webring to see and play their creations. PC Pilot Magazine had a collection of Ron Walker's creations on their Issue 12 cover CD.

2001 | Flight Sim Toolkit 2

Latest intel suggests that the next version Flight Sim Toolkit 2 will be released after Ka-52 Team Alligator and based on the new Daedelus graphics engine. MiGMan thanks Adrian Brown.


2005 | "The FST Engine has been upgraded based upon the original source code, currently at version 3.17 with a lot of enhancements more enhancements still to come including improved version of the tools."" Adrian Brown, June 2005


www.groundzero-simulations.co.uk >> 2005 update - web page is gone <<
Adrian Brown's site - www.flightsimtoolkit.co.uk - FST Flight Research Centre - for the latest information and screenshots - 2017 update: link is dead.

Logo of the now defunct Flight Sim Toolkit Webring. | http://n.webring.com/hub?ring=flightsimtoolkit - Flight Simulation Toolkit Web Ring - 2017 update: link is dead
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