Flight Unlimited II

MiGMan’s Combat Diary, 1998

A screenshot can't do justice to the wonderful lighting effects in Flight Unlimited 2. Check out the raindrops splattering on the window, lightning flashing, thunder roaring, intimidating enough, then you have to deal with those guys in the tower!
Virtual Cockpit.
Weather conditions and lighting effects are spectacular.
Those canyons look inviting, or maybe I'll practise some IFR Flying (I Follow Roads ).
Flight Unlimited II comes with a detailed map of the San Francisco Bay area and the manual contains approach plates for over 30 airports.
And if you feel the need for speed...
There is a flyable P-51 Mustang in the stable!
You have to watch out for the "big guys". Not only do they take up a lot of the taxiway, but they trail invisible turbulence in the air, which can make life very unpleasant if you're following in a light aircraft.
The bottom line for me was, this is fun.
I'll be back at least once a week for a fun and relaxing way of learning the ins and outs of General Aviation.
I might leave the Mustang in the hangar for a while though and work on the Cessna first.

Stunning landscape and weather complemented by ATC and realistic physics made this a high watermanrk in civil flight sims.