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FlyingSinger reported :

The Quabbin Reservoir is a few minutes west of Worcester, Massachusetts (ORH) and is one of my frequent flying practice areas. It's a large, man-made lake with a complex shoreline and many islands. It's also quite scenic.

Recently I learned about a brand-new version of the How In The World's TerraScene (version 2 - see FLY! links) scenery generation software for FLY! Since my "old" scenery ended just west of ORH, I decided to try out TS2 and see how it would do with the Quabbin.

Well, it took the better part of a night, but it did a great job with next to zero effort by me! I used the new TS2 scenery wizard and told it I wanted an area 30 nm around ORH. That was about it (I took default settings on just about everything else). The program figured out the data that it needed and automatically downloaded the terrain and feature data from the USGS web site. It then parsed and processed for some 12 hours (on my P400 with 192 MB) to create two large .TGA files (day and night) which look like aerial photos of my flying area. I made an error which prevented the program from importing the scenery into FLY! (I failed to install the provided 1.06 beta version of FlyEdit into the FLY! directory). This just meant that I had to run the editor myself so FLY! could import the scenery. The results are great! Here is a photo I took over the Quabbin last August:

Quabbin Reservoir - Massachusetts
Quabbin Reservoir - Massachusetts


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