MiGMan's Combat Diary: Gunship: 1989-1998

The inflight map.
The in-flight map

Gunship by Microprose (1987)
Wow, that's dangerous looking terrain ahead.

Yep, it turned out to be more dangerous than it looked!

Mi-24 Hind in Gunship by Microprose (1987)
Mi-24 Hind scurries for cover.

Or was it me that was doing the scurrying?

If you survived the Hind attack your next problem was SAM attacks. In pretty short order you worked out that to survive in this modern battlefield "scurry and peek" tactics were the order of the day.

That is, fly as fast and low as possible to a hill, pop up briefly for a peek, move around the hill to where you think it's safe then pop up again for weapon release.

You could land during a mission to check damage, end the mission, refuel...nice touch! A variety of Soviet amour was (barely) distinguishable only by the different shaped polygon on top!

BMP-1 in Gunship by Microprose (1987)

Hot diggety-damn it was tricky to land on the heli-pad! I never quite mastered that.

Gunship by Microprose (1987)

Gunship by Microprose (1987)
Just what I needed after a traumatic mission - sarcasm from my Atari!

In it's day a great sim. Today I'd go for the best Chopper sim your hardware can handle. Got a 386 : get Gunship 2000 - got a 486, then get Longbow.

MiGMan, 1998.

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