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Eastern Thunder (IL-2)

Publisher’s Info

28 new missions and new skins based on the aircraft of legendary aces Erich Hartmann and Adolf Galland.
The new campaign is set in August/September 1943 over the Eastern Front. Starting in the summer the missions then move to the Kuban peninsula (east of the Krim peninsula), while later sorties see you over the Crimea with the addition of some naval action. There is even a bonus mission which takes the fight to Berlin!

But if you are more interested in action than history then fear not, this expansions primary objective has been to create a realistic combat environment and a fun campaign with a high degree of unpredictability - there are plenty of new challenges for rookies and experts alike.

The emphasis is air to air combat, though there are two Jabo (bomber) missions and one ground support mission. You also will fly escort missions, intercepts, combat air patrol and a scramble too.

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