IL-2 Forgotten Battles


Starting the (sim) engine

Users have reported installation problems and my case was no exception.
The sim simply refused to start on the first five attempts. Thereafter it would only run on every second booting of my PC. Go figure? Sometimes the sim locks up at the menu screen, requiring an Alt-Tab out of the sim and a an encounter with the blue screen of death. Sometimes you can escape this, sometimes not. If IL-2 wasn't so exceptionally good I wouldn't persist with it, as it is I'm resigned to the 'Ritual of the Two Boots', but not happy about it.
Quite a few bugs have been reported. That in itself is not unusual for a PC game and the track record of Maddox Games engenders confidence that the issues will be patched promptly. Bear in mind that this simulation is about as complex as a PC program can get.
What is a worry though is the difficulty that I and others have had even getting the sim to run in the first place. The irony is that once IL-2 starts it is rock solid. These difficulties will put some people off purchasing the sim - and so it should. There is really no excuse for this level of quality control. This sim and it's enthusiastic user base deserves much better.
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