Dante Mendes De Patta's report first alerted me to this sim.
Jetpilot was released in 1996 by Vulcan Software exclusively for the AmigaOS platform. That's why it is so unknown to PC users. The graphics are Polygon stuff, the likes of Digital Integration's Tornado (1993).
It was not very successfull even in the small Amiga market niche of 5 years ago, because Amiga users were expecting texture-mapped graphics, at least the likes of the (MS-DOS) version of EF 2000.
BUT JetPilot was an incredible in-depth simulation of two famous vintage jets, in a ultra-hardcore way.
So I, as a true hardcore simmer, ignored the poor graphics and jumped into the sheer realism of the flight modeling, avionics and NATO procedures of the cold war period in the game.
I contacted the author (Mr. Michael Andrew Bauer - he is still working at Vulcan Software , and LET'S HOPE he will release a updated JetPilot for the PC platform with up-to-date graphics).
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