Jetfighter II

First Impressions on the Impressionable | MiGMan’s Combat Diary, 1990

This was one of the first Flight sims I saw on the IBM PC.

I remember teaching a friend of mine how to turn on to the bogey using the Immelman and Split-S.
An acquaintance who flew air cargo for a living, had a 486 (supercomputer of the early 1990's), Thrustmaster Weapons Control System Mk II and a Flight Control System Mark I, all hooked up to a huge sound system. I showed him how to land on the carrier and use the HUD and Radar to dogfight.
I'll never forget the buzz I got from lining up on the carrier- adjusting the TM throttle and hearing that roaring, buzzing sound of the engine as it spooled up and down in smooth response.
Man, this felt like flying! It couldn't get any better than this!