Jetfighter: The Adventure

Review by Brian L. Busse

I can't get the game to run on any faster system than my 25 Mhz Tandy Sensation that wont die, but here is a screen shot of the startup screen, RIGHT before it locks up.
: > )
I remember though, back a while ago, I tried to install this on a friends system that was like... 100 Mhz or less and it gave the same error I get now. Maybe it can't run on anything better than a 486. Pentium must mess it up, oh well.
Jetfighter was one heck of a game for its time. I remember playing that hours upon hours, partially because it took sometimes 15 min to fly at max speed to your destination on the map, but it held my attention quite well. A 25 Mhz computer couldnt run many better games. I think Doom 2 ran though.
I did not however, mind the fact that you could hover 5 feet above ground and not touch the joystick. This allowed for getting something to eat/drink while you're flying towards your target.
Anyway I do agree with the other person that you have comments from on your site, about the sound not winning any grammy's! I remember the grumbling of the engine sounding like static on the radio and the pc speaker making all the other noises. I definetely remember having to buy more than one joystick after playing it. I'd get too much involved in what I was doing and pull back on the cheap $10 joystick and crack the support for the stick.
MiGMan thanks Brian L. Busse for his review.