Korean Combat Pilot (2001) in MiGMan Korean Combat Pilot (2001) in MiGMan
Exhibit:Korean Combat Pilot (2001)

Host sim:Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2
Release Date: 2001
Developer:Blue Arrow
Publisher:Just Flight
In the Museum collection? Yes.
Comments: Containing 12 good flyable aircraft and detailed scenery, it had quite a bit to offer the discerning flyer in 2001. Even In 2006 it was still good value for those running modest PC hardware.

Flyable Aircraft - external views and cockpits
Virtual cockpits
Snap views
The scenario
Box contents and manual
Hardware requirements
Splash Screen
Development Team

There are two campaigns, I flew the North Korean Campaign...

North Korean Campaign

Attack Seoul
B-29 Takedown
Carrier Strike
Convoy Attack
Defend Inchon Bay
Defend Yalu
Duck Shoot
MiG versus Sabre
Soviet MiGs

Select unlimited fuel in the menu to avoid problems with warping and your wingman's fuel supply.

Korean Combat Pilot
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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 Fagot
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Korean Combat Pilot - Box Contents

F-86F Sabre
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