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LJSG Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (neptune11)

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For my 4th project, I've recreated Slovenj Gradec airport (LJSG) and the Mount St. Ursula landmark
The airport was established in 1957 when plans were laid down for building the facility as sport aviation activities, predating WW2 demanded the need for a proper site. In 1979 a concrete runway was constructed and in 2002 the airport received a complete refit, including a new hangar, new tourist facilities and infrastructure. The location includes a small tourist village with tennis yards and recreational facilities. During its lifetime, the airport has hosted many activities, ranging from gliding, sport, acrobatic and commercial GA. Nowaday the airport is seeking new ownership although the club continues to operate in limited capabilities.
Additionally, this package also contains the hand build landmark of Mount St. Ursula (Uršlja Gora) located 11km (6nm) West of the airport at an altitude of 1699m (5547ft) . Below the peak stands the Gothic St. Ursula's Church (which gives the mountain its name and is the highest-standing church in Slovenia), a TV mast tower, a mountain lodge (the Mount St. Ursula Lodge, Dom na Uršlji gori) all carefully modelled for a complete landmark POI fly trip.


  • Runway 14/32, 3,930ft, 1,200m, asphalt
  • Runway 14/32, 2000ft, 620m grass
  • Elevation AMSL - 500 m / 1,640 ft
  • Custom handcrafted objects using real world references
  • Real world taxiways and parking decals
  • Reworked grass, taxiways, and runways.
  • Custom glider trailers, tons of assets, and details
  • Animated flags following wind direction and 4 states of wind strength (by mamu from fsdeveloper.com)
  • Landmark scenery POI, with custom objects and terraforming included (Mount St.Ursula)
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