MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Longbow 2

MiGMan’s Combat Diary, 1998

The Battlefield Environment
Longbow 2 has a more sophisticated campaign engine than Longbow, giving you the ability to preview Allied missions, alter waypoints and arming and select which choppers will be flown.

Arming screen
The whole battlefield is alive with action, artillery strikes, prowling Gunships, armour battles. What a buzz it was to be attacked by a MiG-29 Fulcrum! (Well each to their own!)

A MiG-92 Fulcrum goes Apache hunting!

After many disasters I learnt to be very alert when enemy choppers or aricraft were reported in the area. In fact radio traffic is dense, with reportings of contact with the enemy coming in from all members of your team.

You'd be well advised to treat the SA-8 Gecko with respect.... and there's usually a ZSU-23 lurking nearby as well!

Armour is often well dug-in

The landscape is populated by towns, bridges, tanks and helicopters.

A-10 Warthog leaves a trail of ruin... all in a days work!

The Longbow dishes out a Hellfire

Kiowa Warrior

Kiowa Warrior firing a missile at night

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