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MiGMan’s Combat Diary, 1998

Longbow from Janes was released in 1996 and remains possibly the most immersive simulation of the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter.
Having missed Longbow the first time around I was keen to get my hands on it at last! (at Xmas 1998). Atmosphere is the keyword from the word go in LongBow. From the cinematic intro scenes to your irascible instructor, all the game elements conspire to immerse you in the world of Army Aviation.

The Su-25 Frogfoot's I saw in action seemed to concentrate on hitting our armoured columns, and didn't attack my flight... needless to say though I kept a low profile!

However the Hind Gunships were a nuisance, a deadly nuisance. Having 4 Stingers on board as standard loadout gave me a measure of confidence though.

SA-6 SAM site

SA-15 Radar
This is one sim where visual navigation is essential and enjoyable. This mission plan shows friendly forces grouped on a line to the North of the lake and your flight plan takes you up to a reservoir or lake.

Standard NATO symbols are used on the briefing maps.
Also available is a range of historical missions, recreated from AH-64 battles in Desert Storm and operation Just Cause (Panama 1989).

Briefing Room Interface

The arming screen is easy to use, with a selection of preset loadouts.
The battlefield is full of action... armour battles, artillery strikes, air strikes, Hind Gunships lurking around.... and a plethora of civilian objects, bridges, buildings, shrines (yes there are cultural artefacts as well as stuff to blow up!)
You get 1200 rounds of cannon and 4 Stinger Air-to-Air missiles with each loadout. You then have the choice of unguided Rockets and Laser or Radar Guided Hellfires.
I usually engaged auto-hover mode which you can under 15 knots, which holds current altitude. This gave me time to wipe the sweat out of my eyes and to try and use the weapon targeting systems.... which are reasonably complex.

Russian tank meets Hellfire Missile.

Time to go home.

This is what we're paid for!

In Conclusion

This sim is still a hot item for anyone with a mid-range Pentium. It immerses you in a rich battle environment... with the piloting itself giving hours of fun. The sensation of speed as you whiz over hills and down valleys is awesome!
Bundled with Longbow 2 in Longbow Anthology it represents one of the best value sim packs on the market.

Where is that armoured column?... mmm maybe I should READ the briefing next time
MiGMan (1998)
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