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Mech Warrior 4

MiGMan’s Combat Diary | 2000

Come one punk, Mech my day!
I had to get that out of the way.
In many ways the Mechwarrior games exemplify good PC gaming - they are loud, fast and require some thinking.
This is a first person perspective shooter based in the Mechwarrior universe created in the early 1980's by Jordan Weisman and FASA.
PC and I spent an enjoyable day playing Mechwarrior 4 on 16 networked PC's. The graphics were awesome and the game wasn't running on a ninja machine either!
Despite his professed "lack of time to play games" I have been unable to wrest the software from PC's Windows 2000 system.

Jumpin' Cats!

Some Mechs are "Jump Capable" - which is handy for jumping rivers, enemy fortifications or ..... in my case as a sort of "panic button" !!!

MechWarrior 4 - screenshot courtesy of Microsoft
The Mad Cat was a favourite of mine in MechCommander- - best used as a medium range artillery piece and quite devastating. I remember playing MechCommander Operation Beachhead, Mission 3 a Search and Rescue mission which was fairly easy until my small part ran into a lone Mad Cat.
Eventually I did manage to beat the 'Cat with a combination of artillery strikes and leading it into automated defenses from a captured base.

Into the action

As I said commanding the Mech is straight forward - but it could be difficult if you don't have a controller which allows you to easily swivel the turret. Many joysticks now have a swivelling grip - or you could use rudder pedals or even the Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander could be set up for swivelling. Swivelling is VERY necessary.
It's in the tactical employment of your Mech's systems that you will win or fail. As far as I can see there is no way to win most missions by charging in iwth guns blazing. However having said that I'm sure that a generation raised on Quake fragfests can prove me wrong!!

Note: these screenshots were taklen on a P500 with 128 meg ram and a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee. You can expect more subtle texturing and lighting effects with a more powerful graphics card.
Early in the piece you come up against heavy Mechs like the MadCat pictured.

I was still in a Shadowcat.
I replayed this particular mission TEN TIMES before evolving winning tactics. Hey - so I'm a slow learner! But hot diggety damn it was fun!
My winning tactics involved:


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