MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiG Alley

F84 ThunderJet

From the reference material included with the sim.
The F84 ThunderJet often ran out of runway in the hot Korean weather and was known as the "Groundhog" because of this reluctance to become airborne. I noticed fairly quickly in MiG Alley that on take-off it is important to keep the flaps down until the speed has built up and to keep the climb out fairly shallow.
Other fliers have reported that a "flaps up" setting is best for takeoff, with a very shallow climb out... barely clearing the treetops at about 2 degrees climb angle.
Bombs dropped, this F-84 is ready for some air action.
Ooops..... that Going down.... ready to bail out.
that's damaged goods! Turning and burning in the ThunderJet

Bombs and two wingtip fuel tanks Trailing smoke

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