MiG Alley

Forward Air Controller

The Forward Air Controllers in MiG Alley are a first for Combat flight sims.
Select rockets, bombs or napalm ]
Gun camera on V
FAC: "I'm at your 12 o'clock, 3 miles.""
You: "Roger"
FAC: "Watch my attack on the target"
Fire on my smoke
FAC radio menu Shift 6
Begin your run 1
FAC radio menu Shift 6
Please re-mark the target 3
FAC: "Re-marking the target"
Mark more targets 5
Leaving the area 6
The steam is usually the only part of the train you can see from a few thousand feet altitude.
After you've ordered the attack, padlock your wingmen with F2 and fly behind them as they circle, dive, strafe. pullout and repeat the process from different angles.