MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiG Alley


The MiG-15 and MiG-15bis, NATO designation fagot.
From the reference material included with the sim.
In a dogfight it's often very hard to tell a MiG from a Sabre until you get really close.... many of my computer wingmen thanked their lucky red stars for my poor markmanship!
The MiGs varied in colour scheme. The metallic finish variants can often be seen glinting in the distance in MiG Alley.
All the aircraft are hard to spot at low level, luckily you can enable a red target box by pressing "D".
Turning too hard can lead to fatal spins... the first few days I spent learning to go easy on the joystick.
The MiG-15 is a sturdy beast but it does have it's limits. After having fun doing outside loops in the P-51 Mustang I thought to try the same in the MiG. Bad idea...
Full throttle

Roll inverted

Stick forward

Nose level with the horizon

... all was looking well!
Now I foolishly decided to add a crowd pleasing element to my one-person airshow..... an outside loop with the gear extended !!!
Gear out... all OK... until I pushed forward on the stick...
Crack!!! Bang!!!!!! A violent spin and .... look ma, no wings!

Diary entry: ........ do not attempt outside loops in the MiG.

Typical result of a mid air collision in MiG Alley. This one was my MiG-15 about 1 second after destroying a F-84E Thunderjet and flying through the resulting debris.
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