MiGMan’s World Tour

Africa 1, a review by Bruce "Flying Singer" Irving

Although I've done some travel over the years, I've never been to Africa, and I am curious about it. I have read a bit and I know it's a huge continent with enormously diverse cultures and geography.
Beyond National Geographic and YouTube, and short of taking some real trips, Microsoft Flight Sim is a way to explore some aspects of this part of the world, but where to begin?
This "World Tour" series seems like a good starting point based on a few flights so far from Africa Visual Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.
I like that fact that I can fly any aircraft, with runways chosen to support even jets.
This allows me to quickly survey the route, and if I find some cool features, I can come back in a bush plane or in something with floats to have a closer look.
Although Africa has not received any world updates, the terrain, vegetation, and the autogen buildings are beautiful in many areas, and you can quickly start to get a feel for the geography.
I like that each flight plan is independent so I can explore where I like, using the illustrated briefings book as a guide. I've explored many other areas of the world in MSFS, but Africa is all new to me, and I really like it.
One thing I suggest is using one or more weather preset packs from flightsim.to or the great SoFly Weather Preset Pro to really mix up the weather (or use Live Weather if it's VFR-ish).
And don't forget to take pictures.
December 2021