MiGMan’s World Tour

Asia Visual Vol.1 by Bruce "Flying Singer" Irving, February, 2022

"Because Asia is so diverse, the variety of flight locations in this package is quite amazing.
It covers around two dozen countries, some with multiple flights. I've only tried a few flights so far, but there are some countries I barely know with amazing sights.
Places like Bhutan and the Kuril Islands are gorgeous. I'll probably never get to Afghanistan, but the flight plan out of Jalalabad shows it to be a beautiful place indeed.
Plus there are plenty of routes in the more familiar countries like China, Japan, India, and both Koreas. It's clear that a lot of thought went into choosing and defining these routes, which you can tell by just browsing the included 426 page book of detailed, illustrated briefings for every route.
There is so much to explore in Asia and this package is a great guide. "