Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : Key Commands

Key Commands Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
The key commands, categorised with a prefix and CaMel added to help with a quick visual scan of this list of over 200 commands. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Airspeed bug SELECTShift Ctrl R
Alternate staticAlt S
Alternator & Battery masterShift M
Alternator masterAlt A
Altimeter setB
Altitude bug SELECTShift Ctrl Z
Anti IceH
AP alt DECRCtrl Page Down
AP alt INCRCtrl Page Up
AP Approach holdCtrl A
AP Attitude holdT
AP Localizer holdCtrl O
AP Mach holdCtrl M
AP N1 holdCtrl S
AP N1 Ref decrCtrl End
AP N1 Ref incrCtrl Home
AP Nav 1 holdCtrl N
AP offShift Alt Z
AP onAlt Z
AP Ref Airspeed decrShift Ctrl Insert
AP Ref Airspeed incrShift Ctrl Delete
AP Ref VS decrCtrl End
AP Ref VS incrCtrl Home
AP speed HOLDAlt R
AP toggleZ
AP Wing LevelCtrl V
Auto Throttle armShift R
Auto Throttle to GAShift Ctrl G
AutorudderShift Ctrl U
Avionics MasterPage Up
Battery masterAlt B
Comms ATCScroll Lock
Comms Menu exitBackspace
Comms ATC select 10
Comms ATC select 11
Comms ATC select 22
Comms ATC select 33
Comms ATC select 44
Comms ATC select 55
Comms ATC select 66
Comms ATC select 77
Comms ATC select 88
Comms ATC select 99
Copilot takes controlCtrl Alt X
Cowl Flap decrShift Ctrl C
Cowl Flap incrShift Ctrl V
Drone UPR
Drone DEPTH OF FIELD toggleF1
Drone EXPOSURE autoCtrl F4
Drone EXPOSURE decrCtrl F2
Drone EXPOSURE incrCtrl F3
Drone FOCUS autoF4
Drone FOLLOW next targetCtrl Page Up
Drone FOLLOW prev targetCtrl Page Down
Drone FOLLOW toggleTab
Drone LOCK toggleCtrl Tab
Drone PITCH downNumpad 2
Drone PITCH upNumpad 8
Drone PLANE FLY toggleC
Drone ROLL leftNumpad 7
Drone ROLL resetSpacebar
Drone ROLL rightNumpad 9
Drone ROTATION speed decrF3
Drone TARGET nextT
Drone TARGET offest resetNumpad 5
Drone TARGET prevShift T
Drone TOP VIEWCtrl + Space Bar
Drone TRANSLATION speed decrF1
Drone TRANSLATION speed decrCtrl F2
Drone TRANSLATION speed incrF2
Drone YAW leftNumpad 4
Drone YAW rightNumpad 6
Drone ZOOM decrNumpad -
Drone ZOOM incr Numpad +
Engine selectE
Engine startCtrl E
Engine stopShift Ctrl E
Flaps Down FULLF8
Flaps Up FULLF5
Flight DirectorCtrl F
Fuel dumpShift Ctrl D
Fuel pump OFFAlt P
Fuel pump ONAlt P
Fuel requestShift F
Fuel Selector 1 ALLAlt W
Fuel Selector 1 OFFCtrl Alt W
Fuel Valves All OFFAlt V
Fuel Valves All ONAlt V
Gear DOWNCtrl G
Gear UP 
Heading bug DECRCtrl Del
Heading bug INCRCtrl Ins
Heading IndicatorD
Ignition MasterAlt I
Light Beacon TOGGLEAlt H
Light Flashlight TOGGLEAlt I
Light Landing DOWNShift Ctrl Numpad 2
Light Landing LEFTShift Ctrl Numpad 4
Light Landing RIGHTShift Ctrl Numpad 6
Light Landing TOGGLECtrl I
Light Landing UPShift Ctrl Numpad 8
Light Nav TOGGLEAlt N
Light Panel TOGGLE 
Light Strobe TOGGLEO
Light Taxi TOGGLEAlt J
Magneto LeftShift Alt S
Magneto RightShift Alt G
Magnetos BothShift Alt F
Magnetos OFFShift Alt Q
Mixture DECRShift Ctrl F2
Mixture INCRShift Ctrl F3
Mixture LEANShift Ctrl F1
Mixture RICHShift Ctrl F4
Parking Brake TOGGLECtrl Numpad . (del)
Pitot HeatShift H
Propeller Pitch DECRCtrl F2
Propeller Pitch HIGHCtrl F4
Propeller Pitch INCRCtrl F3
Propeller Pitch LOWCtrl F1
Pushback startShift P
Pushback stopShift P
Radio CommC
Radio Comm 1 STDBYShift Alt X
Radio Comm 1 VOL +Ctrl Alt Numpad 7
Radio Comm 1 VOL -Ctrl Alt Numpad 4
Radio Comm 2 VOL +Ctrl Alt Numpad 8
Radio Comm 2 VOL -Ctrl Alt Numpad 5
Radio DMEF
Radio Freq SWAPX
Radio NAV1 DECRShift Ctrl PageDown
Radio NAV1 INCRShift Ctrl PageUp
Radio NAV1 SWAPShift Ctrl N
Radio Scroll INCRShift
Radio VOR DECRShift Ctrl End
Radio VOR INCRShift Ctrl Home
Radio VOR OBSShift V
Radio XPNDR SETShift Alt W
Roll LEFTNumpad 4
Roll RIGHTNumpad 6
Rudder CENTRENumpad 5
Rudder LEFTNumpad 0
Rudder RIGHTNumpad Enter
Rudder Water TOGGLECtrl W
Sim Active Pause TOGGLEPause
Sim Activity RESTARTHome
Sim Aircraft CHANGEF11
Sim Aircraft ENTER COCKPITCtrl Enter
Sim Aircraft LIVERYF12
Sim Aircraft SPECSF10
Sim Exit 
Sim Flight RESTARTHome
Sim Menu 
Sim Menu ChecklistShift C
Sim Menu CLOSEBackspace
Sim Menu HelpTab
Sim Menu Search CLEARDelete
Sim Menu SELECT 1Alt F1
Sim Menu SELECT 2Alt F2
Sim Menu SELECT 3Alt F3
Sim Menu SELECT 4Alt F4
Sim Menu Toolbar NEXT.
Sim Menu Toolbar PREV/
Sim pauseEsc
Sim Screenshot 
Sim Speed DECR 
Sim Speed INCR 
Sim speed incrR
Sim Window NEWRight Alt
Slew BACKNumpad 2
Slew DOWN fastF1
Slew DOWN slowA
Slew FORWARDNumpad 8
Slew PITCH down fastF8
Slew PITCH down slowNumpad 0
Slew PITCH FreezeF6
Slew PITCH upF7
Slew PITCH up fastF5
Slew ROLL LeftNumpad 7
Slew ROLL RightNumpad 9
Slew TRANSLATE leftNumpad 4
Slew TRANSLATE rightNumpad 6
Slew Translate RIGHTNumpad 6
Slew UP fastF4
Slew UP slowF3
Slew X axis freezeNumpad 5
Slew Y Axis FREEZEF2
Slew YAW leftNumpad 1
Slew YAW rightNumpad 3
Tail Wheel Lock TOGGLEShift G
Throttle CUTF1
Throttle DECRF2
Throttle INCRF3
Trim DOWNNumpad 7
Trim LEFTCtrl Numpad 0
Trim RIGHTCtrl Numpad Enter
Trim SET 
Trim UPNumpad 1
Value DECRCtrl Numpad +
Value INCRCtrl Numpad -
View AI acCtrl Home
View Basic PanelCtrl C
View CAMERA load 0Alt 0
View CAMERA load 1Alt 1
View CAMERA load 2Alt 2
View CAMERA load 3Alt 3
View CAMERA load 4Alt 4
View CAMERA load 5Alt 5
View CAMERA load 6Alt 6
View CAMERA load 7Alt 7
View CAMERA load 8Alt 8
View CAMERA load 9Alt 9
View CAMERA load nextK
View CAMERA save 0Ctrl Alt 0
View CAMERA save 1Ctrl Alt 1
View CAMERA save 2Ctrl Alt 2
View CAMERA save 3Ctrl Alt 3
View CAMERA save 4Ctrl Alt 4
View CAMERA save 5Ctrl Alt 5
View CAMERA save 6Ctrl Alt 6
View CAMERA save 7Ctrl Alt 7
View CAMERA save 8Ctrl Alt 8
View CAMERA save 9Ctrl Alt 9
View COCKPIT left 
View COCKPIT right 
View COCKPIT toggle 
View externalEnd
View Fixed 0Shift Ctrl 0
View Fixed 1Shift Ctrl 1
View Fixed 2Shift Ctrl 2
View Fixed 3Shift Ctrl 3
View Fixed 4Shift Ctrl 4
View Fixed 5Shift Ctrl 5
View Fixed 6Shift Ctrl 6
View Fixed 7Shift Ctrl 7
View Fixed 8Shift Ctrl 8
View Fixed 9Shift Ctrl 9
View Fixed nextA
View Fixed prevShift A
View Fixed resetF
View Instrument 0Ctrl 0
View Instrument 1Ctrl 1
View Instrument 2Ctrl 2
View Instrument 3Ctrl 3
View Instrument 4Ctrl 4
View Instrument 5Ctrl 5
View Instrument 6Ctrl 6
View Instrument 7Ctrl 7
View Instrument 8Ctrl 8
View Instrument 9Ctrl 9
View Instrument nextA
View Instrument prevShift A
View MOVE backwardRight Alt + Arrow down
View MOVE downArrow down
View MOVE forwardRight Alt + Arrow Up
View MOVE leftArrow left
View MOVE rightArrow right
View MOVE upArrow up
View pan DOWN 
View pan LEFTRight MOUSE button
View pan RIGHT 
View pan UP 
View POI nextPage Up
View RESETCtrl Space F
View SEAT raise/lowerSpacebar
View SmartCam followPage Down
View SmartCam nextCtrl Page Up
View SmartCam prevCtrl Page Down
View SmartCam resetCtrl F
View SmartCam set targetT
View SmartCam unsetShift T
View SNAP downCtrl Arrow down
View SNAP leftCtrl Arrow left
View SNAP rightCtrl Arrow right
View SNAP upCtrl Arrow up
View zoom INEquals (=)
View zoom OUTMinus (-)
Wheelbrake APPLYNumpad . (del)
Wheelbrake Left APPLYNumpad *
Wheelbrake Right APPLYNumpad -
Yaw DamperCtrl D