MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : Icon A5 Checklists

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Fuselage Nose | Nose Landing Gear | Right Forward Fuselage | Right Main Landing Gear | Right Wing | Fuselage (Right Aft Side) | Empennages | Left Aft Fuselage | Left Wing | Left Main Landing Gear | Left Forward Fuselage


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Stall39 kts
Cruise84 kts
V NE120 kts
V FE and V GE Maximum Flap and Landing Gear Extended Speed75 kts
Flaps minimum39 kts
V O-MIN Operating Maneuvering Speed, MTOW | Do not make full or abrupt control movements above this speed87 kts
Max Structural Cruising Speed | Do not exceed this speed except in smooth air95 kts
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