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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98



Adventures are flights and situations in which you are typically coached and instructed by a co-pilot and the Air Traffic Controllers. The co-pilot will usually also handle all radio and NAV tuning and communications.
Here's one of the many: Checkerboard Approach at Hong Kong - Boeing 737
The on-line help files contain full briefings for the flights - here is the essential checklist for this one:
After takeoff from runway 13, fly runway heading.
Continue to the 23 DME fix from the Hong Kong ILS

The Horizontal Situation Indicator in the 737. Note I am flying along the ILS FROM runway 13 and at a distance of 21.5 miles.
then turn left to heading 330
intercept the Cheung Chau (CH) 090-degree radial inbound to CH (inbound course 270)

At CH, expect instructions to slow to 200 knots and maintain 6,000
Expect lower altitude in 5 miles
At 7 DME from CH, turn right heading 045 and descend to 4,500 ft
737_flaps_gear Check Flaps 15 degrees and Gear DOWN
Expect a clearance to fly the IGS runway 13 approach
Report the Kilo Lima 9 DME fix to the tower for landing clearance.
And here's the landing:


Clicking on ' Challenges' presents you with a list of pre-set flight situations ranging from landing in difficult conditions to flying a helicopter inside an aircraft carrier!
I chose the flight which involved doing a circuit at Miegs Airport, Chicago. There was an impressive number of Lear Jets in the parking area.

By the time I taxiied to take-off the plane I was supposed to follow was long gone. Not deterred I flew my circuit and landed - admiring the rather cubist representation of a modern hi-rise city which represented the limits of what was basically the Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 graphics engine with 3D graphics acceleration added.

Note the dynamic scenery object near Miegs Airport, Chicago - a sailing boat which sails about on a predetermined course. Little touches such as this could quickly drain CPU resources.

Great gauges in the static cockpits make learning to fly by instruments a real pleasure in this sim!

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