"Go Play In Space" by Bruce Irving - Introductory Tutorial manual for Orbiter.

Martin Schweiger's Orbiter Space Flight Simulator


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Fan sites

www.orbitersim.com, which is really... http://www.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/~martins/orbit/orbit.phpl

Dan's Orbiter page, sound and other add-ons : www.orbiter.dansteph.com

Apollo screen caps from Apollo Lunar Mission Tutorial by John Dunn www.jdkbph.com/ALMT/index.php

Other screen caps by me, Chino, with standard Orbiter 2005 installation, plus high-resolution "level 9" earth textures, well worth installing (free of course, all Orbiter stuff is amazingly free) - search for orbiter mods

Many Orbiter Addons (often more recent than www.avsim.com which probably has the most files): Orbiter tips and tricks plus FAQ - http://www.eharm.net/shop/freeware/orbiter/orbiter_faq/tips/tips.phpl

Trevor Johns' Training Tutorial Guides (dates on page look old but tutorials work with 2005 version, worth installing from two zip files, probably the best intro to the basics, conversational style, starts on Mars, less gravity and atmosphere to deal with than earth - print it out and go find Phobos!) - http://members.fortunecity.com/tjohns/

Orbiter Mars (Duncan Sharpe, author of TransX MFD for interplanetary flight planning, good stuff) - http://www.orbitermars.co.uk

Orbiter tutorials (relatively advanced) - http://solo.dc3.com/orbiter/

Links to various other tutorials - http://www.aovi93.dsl.pipex.com/orbiter_tutorials.php



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