Royal Air Force 2000 

Avro Shackleton AEW Mk 2

One of the best cockpit panels and the separate panels are ideal for display on a separate monitor, with almost no effect on frame rate.
" The AEW versions are converted aircraft from the original MR2 versions, 12 were converted and the first delivered in 1971 to RAF Lossiemouth and haved served constantly with no 8 sqn throughout their history.
The conversion involved the addition of the AN/APS-/20 search radar under the nose which came from the Fairey/Westland Gannets which were being withdrawn at the time. Crew consists of 4 flying crew and 6-8 operators. "
Full 2D cockpit YShift 1
"Landing view" N 
Virtual cockpitYUsable. Built for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.
Live gauges?N 
HUD view N 
Separate panelsyShift 2
Radio VOR and ADFyShift 3
Engine controlsShift 4 
Primary InstrumentsySHIFT + 5 - Zoom panel with larger Primary Instruments

These snaps were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 over Hawaii.

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