Royal Air Force 2000

BAe Hawk

After zooming past the Great Pyramids and Sphynx for a while I pulled up the ATC menu and found there are a few aiports close by. Re-starting I used Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002's Flight Planner to lay in a flight from Cairo International to Port Said, at the mouth of the Suez canal.
Seeing as I'm yet to plumb the mysteries of the navigational gear in FS2002, I reverted to IFR technique.
"I Follow Roads"
"I Follow Rivers"
"I Follow Railroads"
I head off at 030 degrees until I met the Suez canal and then folowed it North, passing a cargo ship at 150 feet and 400 knots. That was a buzz - especially with the virtual cockpit zoomed out one step with the " - " key to 50%.
On reaching the sea Port Said airport was off to the left and I was instructed to enter right base and land on RWY 010. I could see the lights of another aircraft to the North and the radio revealed it was a Cessna. I took my time getting set up for landing - the Hawk slows down dramatically when you lower the gear. Flap settings also dramatically affect trim - and entered a slow right turn to final. I was told by ATC to follow the aircraft in front - which I could see, still on the runway.
Now here's where the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 drags you in... at about 200 feet altitude and focussed on the approach I was suddenly told by ATC to abort the landing - "Go around", I think they said, I can't remember exactly what but I got the message!
After landing at Port Said on the Suez Canal - the laggardly Cessna is on my left.
Full 2D cockpit YShift 1
"Landing view" No 
Virtual cockpitYUsable. Built for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.
Live gauges?N 
HUD view N 
Separate panelsyShift 2. Didn't work - I couldn't turn the autopilot on
Radio VOR and ADFyShift 3
Engine controlsShift 4 
BAe Hawk advanced trainer/ground attack aircraft. The Bae Hawk (previously referred to as the HS1182) T.1A is an advanced trainer aircraft with two crew seated in tandem with a maximum speed of 627mph, and a range of 1,575nm.
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